Friday, September 18, 2009

And More Transitions...

Since I last posted I'm a little shocked to say we have managed to move out of our house. We are now into our temporary digs at my very very very generous in-laws.

Our house finally sold, hooray, yay, celebrate!!! Aaaaand, we had all of 3 weekends to pack up 4 people's things and get out of there. Ack! Panic! Scramble! Whew.

All our worldly possessions are pretty much stuffed into the garage area, and I'm really not sure where my car keys are. We have taken over Mom and Dad's place, and just incredibly grateful at their kindness.

Oh and the Friday before we fully moved out, we went house hunting, not expecting much but feeling like we needed to see the options. And one of the houses actually seemed like it could work for us. Walkable to Melrose center, lots of space, all updated ... we couldn't figure out why NOT to put a bid on it. So we offered, and, dear reader, they accepted. Um. This is my first time experiencing this process of buying a house. The mixed feeling of joy and terror was one I will not forget anytime soon, probably because I am still feeling it. However, don't get too attached to our place yet as we haven't done the home inspection. But so far so good.

So! Pardon us during this transition time as we figure out which way is up and where exactly the toothbrushes are located. And while we dream little daydreams about where we will set up the eat in kitchen and what to do exactly with that extra room on the 4th floor ... Mr. Right is suggesting we put in a disco with shark acquarium. I am voting for chicken coop and/or pottery studio with full kiln. We are having fun coming up with silly ideas. Most likely it will be a rec room and, dare I say it, an art studio for me. Oh, quickly, knock on wood, and don't get ahead of myself, but wouldn't that be lovely?