Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Fun Must Do List

This list is going on the fridge and to be monitored carefully! The summer goes by too fast and I want to make sure I actually have fun.
  • Go to an ice cream stand and eat the ice cream outside and having it drip down my arm
  • At least 2 beach days where we have time to swim, walk, read, snooze and build sand castles (ie just a walk doesn’t cut it)
  • Cooking things on an outdoor fire, most importantly, smores (will do this on vacation)
  • Going to the local pool
  • Take Peanut to local baby pool
  • Playing in the backyard pool from grocery store (already did this, yay!)
  • Eating popsicles in the backyard (already did this, yay!)
  • Making ice cream with the kids (have them create a crazy flavor)
  • Lobster on the backyard porch at mom and dad’s (coming up, yay!)
  • Fireworks! (could we do this on vacation or in New Hampshire on a weekend?)
  • Walden Pond at least one time where I can swim!
  • Go out to eat at a restaurant where we sit outside and have drinks
  • Go for a boat/kayak ride (we can plan to do this on vacation, but maybe also in our town)
  • Eat watermelon outside
  • Eat cherries outside
  • Water balloon fight/squirt gun fight
  • Go pick fruit somewhere
  • Trip to secret New Hampshire swimming hole? (this one is as little more ambitious as it is a weekend away)
  • See some fireflies (probably on vacation)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

She doesn't smash the cake so the video is mostly worth watching for her very serious expression. Hope you enjoy.

Happy Birthday Little Peanut!

Grandma made a butterfly cake and a MILLION cupcakes. Thanks, Grandma!!!!

We had quite a day. We crossed our fingers that the rain would hold off so we could play in the backyard, but it was not to be. We moved everything inside and managed to squish far too many people in our house. The Peanut played with all the kids and we all enjoyed her new toys and books. We were celebrating her birthday but also our survival of our first year as new parent and whew, what a year it was. I'll try and post the happy birthday video later but for now we thought you'd like to see a few pictures of the birthday girl.

She was a very dainty cake eater ... no cake smashing for this princess. It was so great to see all of our lovely friends and family who were able to make it out to celebrate.