Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Fun Must Do List

This list is going on the fridge and to be monitored carefully! The summer goes by too fast and I want to make sure I actually have fun.
  • Go to an ice cream stand and eat the ice cream outside and having it drip down my arm
  • At least 2 beach days where we have time to swim, walk, read, snooze and build sand castles (ie just a walk doesn’t cut it)
  • Cooking things on an outdoor fire, most importantly, smores (will do this on vacation)
  • Going to the local pool
  • Take Peanut to local baby pool
  • Playing in the backyard pool from grocery store (already did this, yay!)
  • Eating popsicles in the backyard (already did this, yay!)
  • Making ice cream with the kids (have them create a crazy flavor)
  • Lobster on the backyard porch at mom and dad’s (coming up, yay!)
  • Fireworks! (could we do this on vacation or in New Hampshire on a weekend?)
  • Walden Pond at least one time where I can swim!
  • Go out to eat at a restaurant where we sit outside and have drinks
  • Go for a boat/kayak ride (we can plan to do this on vacation, but maybe also in our town)
  • Eat watermelon outside
  • Eat cherries outside
  • Water balloon fight/squirt gun fight
  • Go pick fruit somewhere
  • Trip to secret New Hampshire swimming hole? (this one is as little more ambitious as it is a weekend away)
  • See some fireflies (probably on vacation)

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