Monday, October 03, 2005

News Shocker: Vermont is Beautiful

Right. No surprises there. October in Vermont, how much more of a cliche can you get? Still, it was lovely and the leaves were turning and the sun was surprisingly warm, and all the little shops were full of cheddar cheese and maple syrup. And I bought me some. And I'm sure you'll be pleased to see this city girl was not eaten by a carnivorous chipmunk.

Anyhow, despite the cliche, I thought some of you might enjoy a few photos.

As planned, I stopped at good ol' King Arthur Flour Company and bought a ridiculous amount of kitcheny stuff. Some practical and some just fun. And I'll tip my hat to say that the sticky buns in their bakery are the best I've ever had. Usually with a sticky bun you just eat the bun part so you can get to the sticky. But these were good all over.

As if a baker's haven wasn't enough, right next door was a little farm stand with beautiful organic produce and cheese. These people get the best possible location, right next to King Arthur with food-lovin' people coming from all over the country. I bought some raw sheep's milk cheese. There is a difference with raw milk cheeses that is difficult to describe but impossible to miss. It's a sort of, well, piquancy I guess. Yoy. Next I'll be talking about how the cheese has legs.

Some day when I grow up after I become an astronaut or whatever, I think I'll raise chickens and sheep and goats. And pretty pink flowers like these. Aw.

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