Wednesday, March 15, 2006

La Vie En Rose, Part Deux

Here are the second batch of photos. I'm hoping it will give you the feeling of doing a little Parisian window-shopping. In French, window shopping is "lecher les vitrines" which means, literally, to lick the windows. I certainly can understand the urge.

The first is a cheese shop that had so many stinky cheeses that you could smell them outside on the sidewalk. Next are three photos from the home of the macaroons, La Duree.

Even though it's a cliche, whenever you glimpse the Eiffel Tower you can't help but stop and smile. And I did pop my head into Notre Dame just to get a whiff of the incense and the ghosts of the millions of pilgrims who have worshipped there.
The last photo is my last night there, taken on the Champs Elysees. It was one of my few visits to tourist Paris, which really is a whole different world than the back streets and nooks and crannies that are what makes the place so wonderful.

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