Sunday, November 11, 2007

Vermont Again

One of the great things about Boston is its proximity to everything else. Mr. Right and I decided on a mostly spontaneous trip to Vermont this weekend and it was just what we both needed to escape from all the regular weekend chores after a regular hard week of work.
As is the tradition now here at dillard57, some photos to share of our idyllic escape to the north.

This is the Simon Pearce Glass Blowing facility, built right on the Queechee River. We had a great meal here, looking right out onto the falls.

And here is a view of Mount Pico near Killington, Mr. Right's old stomping grounds.

During our road trip, I brought along Barbara Kingsolver's new book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle which is about her family trying to eat for a year only on local foods. She talked about a visit to The Farmer's Diner in Massachusetts where they served as much local food from local farmers as possible. I was tickled to be able to find this place the next day on our trip. I guess those little hand held internet devices do have their uses. We had a fun meal of great burgers made from local beef, local cheese and a big glass of local chocolate milk. Mr. Right is pointing to the "Time to Eat" sign.
And here's me with the local chocolate milk. Yum! (I know, I know, the chocolate wasn't local).
The final photo is one of three covered bridges we saw during our trip. It's an old cliche but who isn't a sucker for these things? They are beautiful.

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Jeff Cutler said...

I hate nature. Oh, wait. I love nature and covered bridges and chocolate milk and all sorts of stuff.

Why haven't I pestered your blog before? I shall do so regularly long as you post regularly.

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