Friday, July 09, 2010

Watching Someone Sleep

Okay, I lied in the last post. I'm going to post the video of her sleeping because I was getting tired of emailing it out and torturing my family. This is my first video post so have patience with me. And yes, I realize that a video of a sleeping baby is not exactly Oscar worthy, although didn't Andy Warhol do something like this at some point? (answer: yes). But remember, this is MY sleeping baby whom I believe is award winningly cute. And it's not 5 hours long, like the Warhol film. So you can thank me for that, right?

Yikes. I think I have become one of THOSE moms. Ack!!!!

By the way, I bought a (cheapie) webcam for the purposes of sharing her cuteness most effectively, but I begin to wonder if just taping her isn't the best way to show her off. Any thoughts out there?


Anonymous said...

Amy, she is just lovely and I don't mind watching her sleep!! It reminds me of when my kids were that little. You can post all the videos that you want to and I will happily watch them. Again, I am so happy for you and your husband.
Becky Kopelic

Susan P. said...

Oh Grace!!!You are so beautiful.
I can not wait to meet you.
xoxo- Auntie Susan