Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The Little Photo that Launched a Career

Chairs at Bodie, photographed by dillard c2004 Posted by Hello

As I am learning how to write a blog, I wanted to figure out if I could include photos. So far, this is as fancy as I've been able to get. This is a photo I took about ten years ago in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, in a ghost town called Bodie. A stunning and eerie place. The day I visited I had one roll of film with me, and I just clicked away. Later, as I sorted through and shared my photos with friends, some commented that I should think about doing something with them. I didn't think much about it, but years later I enlarged a few photos and hung them in my apartment. As friends came over to visit, some began offering to purchase them, which always surprised me. With their encouragement and a little boost from the Stebbins Gallery at my church, I decided I could try selling a few at Somerville Open Studios, an annual artists event in my old town. When complete strangers started buying my work, I became more convinced that maybe I could do this after all. This launched my work in Boston as an artist, which now has expanded to painting and sculpture.

So I thought it would be fun to share my "signature" photo here. I tried to figure out how to put it up on the right hand corner of this page but I have yet to determine how that works. I'd be happy for hints! Stay tuned for more photos now that I know the trick!


Bruce Hoppe said...

Here is the first comment in your new blog: How'd you get a photo in your blog?

dillard said...
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