Monday, February 14, 2005

Cheese Illustrated

Curds and Whey Posted by Hello

In my previous post about cheesemaking, I promised some photos of the process. This was my second time making mozarrella, and so I'm fine tuning the process. The top photo is what happens after you warm up a gallon of grocery store milk and add citric acid and rennet. It quickly gets all lumpy and separated. After letting it settle, you spoon off the curds and then squeeze as much whey as you can.

Curds in Action Posted by Hello

Squeezed Out Posted by Hello

Then you heat the cheese, knead it, heat some more, knead some more, etc. And ta dah! Chewy, yummy mozarella cheese, cheaper than you can get at the store and fun to make. It takes about a half an hour, start to finish. Easy!

And the final product is below. It makes a pound of cheese, which compared to the size of a gallon of milk, is somewhat disappointingly small. It also leaves behind about a gallon of whey. So there it is, folks. Cheesemaking in your apartment in the city.

Mozarella! (with spoon for size reference) Posted by Hello

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