Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The quests have changed

I'm tired tonight so I'm not sure this will be an interesting or groovy blog entry. I was just pondering how my quests have changed. I've been here 10 years now and I'm not getting to know Boston as much now I have figured out my way around, nor trying to find the ne plus ultra brownie since I would argue I've found it. Now the big quest is finding the perfect seashell stamp for the Big Event. Is it this one? And then there's the garden lantern. Will it be big enough? Not to mention bands and sound systems and officiants and don't even get me started on figuring out what to put on the registry. For someone who likes to research whether or not she's using the best mayonnaise or trying to make her own from scratch, making this many decisions in a short amount of time is both wildly fun and incredibly exhausting! The internet is such a blessing and a curse for informational gathering.

Not to mention I'm not sure if people are as excited to talk to me about rubber stamp options as they were about talking to me about the best place to find hot chocolate. But hey, that's what internet discussion boards are for, right? To find people out there as obsessed with flush settings as you are so you don't bore your flesh and blood friends to tears.

So. Back to looking at stamps. Thanks CF and Bowl of Cheese for the leads on these! And once again I marvel how life has changed for me since Bonita the Duck.


Jeff Cutler said...

While it's nice that you're evaluating your quests, the joy comes in the questing not in the questioning.

SO GO FORTH and enjoy the latest quests, young questor.


tina said...

Oh Amy, long ago were the days when I was psyched about standing outside of Newbury Comics at midnite for the release of the new Beastie Boys CD. I hear ya sister. Now I'm wondering if i should register for the thing that chops carrots in julienne form or should I go for a more traditional mandolin cutter. SCARY!!!!!! 35 is weird for me. Not sure I'm adjusting all that well. But I do like that registry gun!