Thursday, July 15, 2004

Bonita the Duck Saga continued!

For those of you who are my regular readers, I wanted to include a quick update on Bonita the Duck, a duckling who seems to have been adopted by a goose family on the Storrow Drive bike path. I have a bit of a shocker to reveal. Last time I saw her I was a bit concerned at her efforts at fitting in, which involved eating enormous amounts of grass alongside her gosling siblings. I don't think ducks were meant to eat grass, so I was pretty worried about how long Bonita was going to last in this world.

Well, as of this morning, Bonita is still alive and kicking, and seems to be growing bigger. But I begin to suspect she is NOT a duck. At this point, she should have started to transform into full duck looks, and she mostly just looks like a much bigger yellow gosling. I am somewhat perplexed. Initially, and with some pleasure I thought, oh how lovely, a swan. (Especially after the increasingly cygnetless swan action that is happening at the Public Garden in Boston). But when I did a little cygnet research, she appears to be too yellow to be a cygnet. So what the heck is she? Her siblings are now full-fledged (albeit smallish) geese, so she is NOT a goose. Or at least not a Canadian goose. Very, very mysterious. I will keep you updated as much as I can. I need to go buy a digital camera so I can capture this stuff and post it here for all you bird experts who might help me. Stay tuned ...

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