Monday, July 26, 2004

Landscape vs. Image

No doubt most of you are much cooler and better informed than I about the Picasso/Matisse show which I never managed to see during visits to NYC. However, I was able to borrow the catalog from my local library (have I yet opined about my love for libraries? Free books for all! What a great, subversive thing).

So here's the biggest idea that has sunk in so far. One of the most fundamental diferences between the two artists is that Picasso was more concerned with the image (to the point that parts of the painting that weren't the subject were often painted quickly and without detail) versus Matisse who was much more meticulous about the whole entire canvas, achieving more of a landscape style, filled with patterns and colors and detail in all areas. Hm. Interesting. I'd have to say my work falls more in the image category.

I'm looking forward to learning why "Les Demoiselles de Avignon" is considered to be the most important painting of the 20th century, whereas Le Bonheur de Vivre by Matisse is considered to be his masterpiece but is not considered to be so revolutionary. More to come.

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