Wednesday, July 14, 2004

New Artist Syndrome

I consider myself a new artist, as opposed to a seasoned one. Although I can remember being praised for a drawing I did in kindergarten and most of my high school yearbook entries say something about "good luck with your art," I never really claimed this path for my own until fairly recently, after reading The Artists Way . (I will write a bit more about this book in the next post.)

In the past two years or so, as I've taken this part of myself much more seriously, I am noticing there seems to be an evolution in this way of being. The state of my ego, of my spirit, and of my work all seem to go through a constant transformation. Sometimes it feels like growth, sometimes it feels like going in circles, and often it just feels like pounding my head against a wall. Although I imagine there is plenty of thinking about this, I've been thinking a lot about it recently and decided, heck, I'll blog about it a bit and see if anyone else out there wants to think about it with me. My last post about art got me on a bit of a roll, and writing about it helps me to digest my own thinking. So watch this space for my musings on life as a newbie artist.

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