Friday, September 24, 2004

Monster Oyster Quest

Enormous Scary Oysters! Posted by Hello
The photo simply doesn't do it justice ... I should have put a small child in this photo somehow for comparison. These things were huge!

I was in Chinatown on Tuesday getting a stupid filling. I hate getting fillings! (I know, I know, no one likes getting them, but I am just a baby about it).

So I tried to make the best of it by seeking out a Food Quest item I'd put on my list after reading about it on chowhound: oysters in Black Bean Sauce at Peach Farm Restaurant. Located the venue, located the menu, there it was ... six oysters for $8.95. I like oysters, and this price seemed pretty reasonable. So I ordered 'em up, while my companion ordered "shredded duck with rice stick." A very eggy hot and sour soup arrived quickly as did the duck, which was greasy but tasty. (Rice stick apparently means rice noodles.)

And then, the oysters appeared. Holy shellfish, batman. I guess I have never encountered Pacific oysters before (these were from Seattle). Eight of these things could have fed a large family. The inside flesh of each one was about the size of my hand. I couldn't believe it. Gamely, I dug in and ate one. Not bad. Mild, seafoody thing with the nice black bean sauce. But by the time I had four I was more than full. Turns out that you can order them by number and not just get the platter (which is not made clear on the menu). So if you go and you want to try something a little, um, different, just order two for starters, ok?

Would I recommend them to all and go out of my way to get them again? Nah. They weren't bad, but maybe a little more adventurous than even my own adventurous self can be culinarily speaking. But nonetheless, another food quest fulfilled. Whew.

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