Thursday, September 09, 2004

Update on the Fog of War

In the previous post I was pondering what McNamara's opinions about our current political situation might be. A friend let me know that McNamara was interviewed by Charlie Rose after the release of the film. McNamara steadfastly refused to answer questions about the Bush administration's handling of Iraq. So, another dead end?

With a quick poke into Google, I was able to unearth an article from the Canadian daily, The Globe and Mail, who were for some reason able to break down McNamara's steely reserve by, um, calling him up and asking him these questions over the phone. Those wily Canadians! So here's a link to the article expressing McNamara's current take, as well as a list of the 11 specific mistakes McNamara believes were made in the Viet Nam war. (Whether or not they apply to the current political situation is up to you).

This is the fun thing about blogging, I've got to say. I make a random musing, I do some searching around the question and get Chomsky's take on it, a friend fills me in on another angle, I do a little detective work, and ta dah! A question turns into a whole story. So cool!

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