Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Kissinger pop-ups

I love it when I'm more topical than I mean to be. After my post a few weeks back, Kissinger has been popping up in the news again like there is some twisted form of media whack-a-mole going on. (No, I'm not implying he is like a mole, although Hitchens probably wouldn't mind the comparison). Jack Shafer of Slate has written two articles about him in the past week or so, the better one being how is studiously avoiding talking to the NYT in the face of recently released telephone transcipts from the National Security Archives. (Ain't the Freedom of Information Act the coolest thing ever?)

I haven't yet given my take on Hitchens' book, The Trials of Henry Kissinger. C'mon, people, give me some slack, a book takes longer to read and digest than a movie! Ok, I'll try to get it in today. Hang in there. Check back in a bit. And then a foodquest update? It's important to have a little politics and then a little snack, I think. Which leaves the burning question: will I ever write about art again?

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Bruce Hoppe said...

Hungry for more foodquests!! Art is good too. Politics very serious.