Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Time for Everyone to Move to Pittsburgh

I was just there this weekend (accidentally but happily due to a late take-off. Thanks USAir!), and saw this in the Sunday paper. Youch. My folks and I thought it was a mistake in the price. But it's not a mistake. Make sure you look at all the photos and the price. And that there are others in similar range.

Let me remind you that I live in Boston, and even in the suburbs of Boston, you couldn't buy a condo made out of old newspapers and elmer's glue for this price. I lived next door to a triple decker in Somerville where one floor (a one bedroom one bathroom place) sold for $450,000 last year in a week. That's no land, no garage, no nuthin. It just isn't do-able here, not even a dream. But elsewhere it is totally possible. Pretty wild!

Friends are starting to move there. Maybe it is time for more friends to move there. We just need to pick a neighborhood and take over a street. Ok!

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