Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Weekend in New England

More leaves and tree in stream Posted by Hello I took my camera toy with me on a hike in the Middlesex Fells this past weekend and had some fun playing with the leaves in the water. I was pleased with how these came out. The Fells is one of those urban oases. It reminds me of Rock Creek Park in DC. You could wander for hours -- and get quite lost -- in the Fells but at the same time you are only a few miles north of the city. It's a good place to go when you need to see nothing but trees and water. And fun fact for the day -- Fells is a Saxon word for a rocky, hilly tract of land. The Middlesex Fells certainly qualifies. There is even a cave where a panther supposedly hung out.

Oh and by the way, on the way there you should stop at Modern Pastry in downtown Medford. It's the sister shop of the one in the North End and has arguably the best cannoli in town. My mom, however, prefers their chocolate covered torrone (a world apart from the horrid stuff you'll find at grocery stores), and it is truly amazing nougaty gooey stuff. She makes me bring some to Pennsylvania whenever I go home. While you can't order the cannoli elsewhere in the US, they will ship you the torrone and you won't be sorry.

Everybody loves autumn in New England. Some of these trees are just crazy colors, so red they hurt your eyes. And that's just on the walk to the bus stop.

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