Monday, March 28, 2005

What People Did Before Television

Ukranian Easter Egg Attempts Posted by Hello

I saw an ad the other day for a television station, which said simply, "Hobbies Shnobbies," followed by the television station. The implication being, why do a hobby when you can watch tv? I know it is a joke, but it made me kinda mad/sad. I wonder sometimes what humanity has lost since people have television rather than empty time with which to fill with hobbies or art or neighbors or sleep or whatever. Okay, that's as much of a soapbox I'm going to get on there. You've heard it all before.

Speaking of such, I was invited to go to a friend's place and make Ukranian style Easter Eggs, which means instead of using the Paas Easter egg kit, you draw on the egg with a stylus and wax and dip it a million different times in different colors. It was tricky because you have to think backwards, but it was very fun. My eggs aren't anything close to art, but they are festive. It's time consuming, mostly useless but very pretty!

And I finally managed to encourage this little paperwhite bulb to start growing. I check on it like a thousand times a day to see if it has changed.

Happy Easter!

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