Monday, March 14, 2005

A Winter Breather

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I love living in the city and rarely do I feel the need to drop everything and escape. But when a group of friends decided to do a weekend in the "boyfriend's family's NH cabin", I was happy to go. I've noticed when I do leave Boston for one of these excursions, there is this feeling of lightening, of ahhhh, new perspective, etc., even though I hadn't been feeling particularly rundown. So it was good to get away. We did a little skiing, both cross country and downhill. The picture is from the top of one of Attitash Mountain's little baby hills. I love to ski, but no one would ever accuse me of being a daredevil. I thought I was tough because I could handle all of the, um, green circle trails at, um, Wachusett Mountain in MA. Well, I wasn't fully prepared for the New Hampshire definition of green, which of course would make any seasoned skiier snort, but made me a little weak in the knees. But I conquered that mountain! I showed her my stuff! I skiied all the way down without falling at all! So here's a photo of me in my ski gear and eighteen layers of clothing along with Bess, new snowboarder extraordinaire.

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And we did a lot of cooking and eating in that not-very-rustic-at-all cabin. We decided to buy a ton of groceries and cook together. I made Cooks Illustrated Quick Recipe cinnamon rolls, which made me a very popular person on Saturday morning. I wouldn't say they were easy as pie, but everyone was so excited that it made it worthwhile. Our Saturday night dinner with flourless chocolate cake was particular spectacular, followed by a fierce game of trival pursuit.

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Yup, I recommend the winter getaway thing for sure. Except now I need some sun. Hm.

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