Friday, March 04, 2005

Women's History Month -- Top Ten Favorite

A very cool friend of mine just sent around an email with her favorite women from history on it, and asked us to share our own. It was so much fun to stop and think about the women in my life that I thought I'd put it in the blog. Here is how I responded -- and feel free to add your own to the comments area if you like!

(these are in no particular order)

1. Helen Keller -- I've been fascinated by her since I was a little girl
2. Annie Dillard -- her impact on my life is pretty obvious, um, by checking the name of this blog

2. My personal trinity of North American Expressionist Painters:
Frida Kahlo -- Mexican artist
Georgia O'Keeffe -- American artist
Emily Carr -- Canadian artist

3. Mrs. Erda Gordon, my second grade teacher, the first of so many passionate, imaginative, inspirational female teachers and professors
4. My Aunt Margaret Knorr, family historian, who would have loved the internet and blogging, a woman before her time
5. My Aunt Mary -- the stylish, cool aunt who smothers you with kisses and taught us about style, who then went on to show us how to get through the hard times with grace
6. My grandma, who still makes me laugh and cry, a straight talker and a cook beyond compare
7. My mom, who drove me to art classes all those years, a sweetheart in the truest sense of the word
8. My talented, generous, loving, beautiful female sisters and friends
9. How can I not list my adorable niece who is a light in my life, at 3 years old. She brings such joy to us all with her puppy dog happiness and goofy antics. I can't wait to see what kind of woman she turns out to be.

Gosh I've been blessed by these women.

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