Thursday, March 03, 2005

Winter is for Pudding

Indian Pudding Posted by Hello

Here in New England we're getting snow, snow and more snow. Excellent for winter sports but ultimately not so excellent if you are trying to park your car in a space where people have "claimed" it with garbage cans. So what do you do when you've just parked your car three miles away from home and slogged through the cold, gray slush and your socks are damp and your nose is chilled? You make pudding of course.

Indian pudding makes you feel all connected to the pilgrims so it is especially satisfying to make in the brutal winter. The "Indian" part, I guess, refers to the corn meal and molasses base (and if you do CORE you can make it with splenda and it's fully legit).

I decided to try making tapioca as well. The recent "bubble tea" phenomenon had me pondering recipes with tapioca, something I'd never liked as a kid. The little clear balls always just seemed kinda odd to me, like fish eyes or something. I was pleased with this recipe from Joy of Cooking, but I don't think I've yet gotten over the fish eye aspect of this dessert. Well, now I know. Guess I'll try again in twenty years and see how I like it then.

Tapioca Pudding Posted by Hello

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