Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Bonita update?

A good friend from Pittsburgh (yay for Pittsburgh!) and sortof faithful dillard57 reader (hi TT!) asked for an update on saga of Bonita the Duck, about whom I've written several previous posts. I apologize for the lack of updates. The main problem is not that I've forgotten the little peeper, but I simply haven't seen her in a few weeks. Once or twice I've seen what I thought might be her little gaggle o' geese, but she was not among them. This could mean several things, some good, some not.
  1. Neutral: It was the wrong gaggle. They all kinda look alike, and yes, I know they think the same about us, but I can't help it. But this means she may still appear, which is good!
  2. Good: Bonita has found her real family and is happily involved with whatever species it is that she is supposed to hang out with. Duck? Goose? Swan? Ostrich? Still a mystery. And I may never know. Goodish but not so much fun for the blog.
  3. Bad: Bonita didn't make it. She couldn't keep up with the gaggle, ate too much grass, or decided she just didn't belong. Very sad but real possibility. Bad.

The exciting aspect of #1 is that if I do see her, now I have my handy dandy camera and I can capture nature in all of her weird quirkiness. Hooray for technology!

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