Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Gosbries for KH

Gooseberries next to red currents Posted by Hello
From the latest trip to the Farmer's Market, they have gooseberries as we call them here in the states. Those across the pond call them something else I apparently can't pronounce. The berries don't seem to be selling like hotcakes, but they are very pretty. Gooseberry fool, anyone?


Garth said...

Crazy Brits!

EnglishMariner said...

It's very simple. Gooseberries are pronounced 'Guzbries' and they should also be green not red, Herbs start with a 'H', Vitamins have a hard 'Vit' and Aluminum is spelt "Aluminium' - at least while they still call it 'English' not 'American'.