Monday, August 16, 2004

Fun with the new toy

Hermits no flash, better angle Posted by Hello
So here are two pieces of food photography with my fun new toy. I thought this was a pretty neat illustration of a good shot and a bad shot. I'd say I'd rather eat the hermits on the top rather than the ones on the bottom, even though it is the same plate of hermits. We're all a bit spoiled by food photography which makes everything look perfect. But they really aren't -- the only difference between these two shots is that I used a flash in the bad photo (so the shadows and light are harsh) and the angle isn't as much fun as the Martha Stewarty one above. Cool huh? It is so much fun being able to take pictures as I make new recipes. I'm afraid you're going to be subjected to quite a bit of this in the upcoming blog days until I grow tired of playing rockstar food photographer.

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