Monday, August 16, 2004

Mysterious Mini-Coffeecakes

Mini-Coffee Cakes Posted by Hello
And more food photography ... this shot came out pretty good. Although it gives away that I am not the Whiz of the Drizzle. Ah well. Another recipe from The Quick Recipe. These little upside down muffins turned into mini coffee cakes (very clever, Cooks!) are very cute and fun and perfectly sized to serve at bookclub tonight. I tried to think of some appropriate food that would go with a spy novel (Dan Brown's rather hideous but fun Digital Fortress -- don't ask me why we're reading it for bookclub). Mini-coffeecakes are not exactly super mysterious although they do have a hidden stripe of yummy streudel. I suppose I could tell my guests that they have to figure out how I made the "mini coffeecake mold" (bake em in a muffin pan and turn the muffins upside down shhh). That way they will feel like there has been some intrigue to the evening. Ah the bookclub, the new millennium's form of the Bridge Club or the Sewing Circle.

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EnglishMariner said...

They are very good. Yum! Complements to the Chef.