Wednesday, August 04, 2004

New Work Coming Along

I turned the corner on my volcano piece last week, thank goodness. It is all starting to really hang together and fits nicely in the scope of my work. I'm always so surprised when this happens; I'm still not used to how this whole inspiration thing works and I'm working and get stuck and think, well this painting is going to suck but then something happens and zing! It's my new favorite painting. And you know how you read about artists who were "working through" some sort of theme or period or motif that appears over and over again? As I paint, this happens. But I never go into the painting thinking, well gosh, I've been thinking a lot about anatomical hearts lately so I'll do another. If anything, I don't do a heart at all because I figure I had that in the last one. But then after I've gotten into the painting, there it is, an anatomical heart or whatever my thing is. It's really like I have very little conscious choice. Freaky! So I wonder if this is true for other artists. I don't sit around thinking about anatomical hearts, really I don't.

You'd think after nine or ten pieces this process wouldn't come as such a shock anymore but nope, I never see it coming. It is really a very strange experience. I wish I had more artists to talk to about this -- so much of this is so new you can feel a little nutty as you go through the process. I imagine this happens to writers and others as well.

The big exciting news is that I finally joined the digital world -- got myself a cute little Canon Powershot A300. So pretty soon I'll be able to post photos of my work on this blog! Very exciting, at least for me.

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