Monday, August 09, 2004

Doula doula doula

It's a fun word to say even if no one has ever heard of one. In addition to my Kripalu escapade this past weekend, I got my training to be a birth doula, which is someone who assists a mom as she gives birth. I learned all kinds of massage, coping techniques, visualizations and so on that help mothers (and dads) get through the marathon as comfortably and calmly as possible. Pretty cool stuff. So now I'll start my practice ... anyone know anyone who needs a cheap doula?

The workshop was in Shelburne Falls, which was like a Disney Village for Crunchy Adults. Absolutely adorable in all the good and bad senses of the word, full of cute giftie shops with fun magnets and magical magnet crystals, as well as the much cooler McCuskers' grocery store, serving the rather strange but palatable Oat Kreme, a vegan version of soft serve made solely with oats and sugar. And to top it all off, one of the town's best places to eat is a pub serving organic fare. Sheesh.

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